Tall Fescue

Fescue at Mom and Dad's

•A blend of four varieties, each bred to thrive in different stress conditions

•Medium to dark green color
•Coarse to medium texture
•Cool season grass

Our blend of fescue is a combination of 4 different fescue varieties. Each variety is bred to thrive in different stress conditions. Our blended fescue is a cool season grass with dark green color, good density, and a more extensive root system than other lawn grasses. It is well adapted to cold winters and warm summers making it a good lawn for a wide variety of uses including residential and commercial landscapes, parks, and recreation areas.


•Slab sod: Slab sod: 18 x 24 inch pieces (approximately). Great for most applications.


The University of Tennessee Institute of Agriculture Turfgrass

The Hogan Company


Note: Due to varying soil conditions and fluctuating weather patterns, it is impossible to offer general maintenance guidelines that are perfect for individual sites and situations. Please contact your local U T County Extension Office for specific questions.

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